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July 18, 2022 - BY Admin

How to Choose the Best Digital Marketing Agency for your Business

Are you looking for the How to Choose the Best Digital Marketing Agency for your Business? Then this article will help you how to select the digital marketing agency for your business.

Everywhere we are seeing evidence that the world is increasingly getting digitalized. The advent of Covid-19 has only accelerated the process. From daily meetings to doctor appointments, everyone’s dependence on the Internet has only increased to never-seen-before levels. What this means for businesses is that consumer is spending an ever-increasing share of their time on the internet. Digital Marketing is not just necessary but it’s imperative. It has become ever so important for the brands to up their digital marketing game. One of the best ways to achieve that is to partner with a digital marketing agency.

Why work with an agency?

Digital Marketing is an all-encompassing term that includes different methods of marketing on the internet which includes SEO Services, Social Media Services, etc. Managing all of this along with an in-house talent can be quite time-consuming. An agency, on the other hand, can take care of all of this while you focus on your core product or services.

Also, when you work with an agency, you are then working with experienced and qualified professionals who have provided digital marketing solutions to many other businesses before you. They can start working on your campaigns from the word ‘go’ without spending time on training. Moreover, with a large and diversified team at their end, you can be rest assured that the agency will never run out of creative ideas to maximize your business’s reach.

What does an agency do?

A digital marketing agency helps drive different business objectives of various brands by producing marketing content and leveraging different internet tools to reach the brand’s audience. While some of the services may vary from agency to agency, broadly, these are the services you can expect from them.

1. Content Marketing

They say ‘content is king’ for a reason. It’s the brand’s content that makes a potential consumer click that ‘buy’ button or create an account or hit ‘subscribe’. With the right content, you not only can drive sales but build a long-term relationship with your consumers. An agency not only produces such content but also helps in marketing it the right away.

2. SEO Services

One of the most potent ways to help consumer find you is through Search Engine Optimization. When a potential consumer looks for a solution that you provide, he will first Google for it. The higher you rank on the results, the higher the chance that he will click on your link. This is where SEO comes in. It helps you rank higher in the search engine results.

3. Google Ads

Another way to increase traffic for a brand’s website through Google is Google Ads. Most of the search results generate Google Ads which come right before the organic results. Since the ads are generated out of the keywords used in the search box, the ads are relevant to what is being searched by the consumer. Google Ads also offers Display Ads which appear on third-party websites that have partnered with Google. Agency designs these ads using the most appropriate keywords to get maximum redirection to the brand’s website.

4. Social Media Services

With the kind of user base that social media has combined with targeted marketing options available on these platforms, social media marketing provides a huge ROI to virtually every business. Agencies usually have great expertise in this regard and know-how to design social media campaigns to reach out to the maximum no. of target consumers.

5. Facebook Ads

Everyone at some point has seen ads on Facebook that feel like they were made for them. That’s because Facebook gives the option to run ads that can be targeted by gender, location, income level, status updates, interests and many more. With Facebook having so many data points for a huge number of audiences, your ads are bound to reach the people who could be most interested in your product. Agency creates these ads and also creates a profile of the potential consumers so that the ads reach the right people.

6. Mobile Advertising

The reality is that most of the internet surfing is done through smartphone, hence it is crucial for ads to be built around the mobile interface and the way consumers consume content through smartphones. It has been seen that when people search through mobile, it is highly likely that they do it with the intention of buying a product. Which is 70% of mobile searches lead to offline purchases. Other than offline, consumers also purchase through apps.

Hence to adapt to the consumer behavior on mobile platforms agencies also create mobile advertising such as in-app advertising, YouTube ads, campaigns for app downloads etc.

7. Video Marketing

A picture says a thousand words and a video says a million. Video has the maximum engagement and reach as compared to the other mediums. Gone are the days when videos were restricted to TVs. Today video can also be consumed on YouTube, social networking sites and other apps and websites. Also, video ads can be targeted to the right demographic, location, interest etc. With the targeting option and the level of engagement, creating video ads and marketing them is highly crucial, something which agencies are highly skilled in.

8. Web Design

Other than developing ads, some agencies also help in creating the website design. A seamless website design will help people consume the content better, helps them understand the product and leads to a purchase without them getting lost in the website. This builds trust with the consumers, gives exposure and sets the brand apart in the long haul.

Agencies understand how crucial every second spent on the website by a potential consumer is. They use conversion path analysis which is to understand steps taken by a potential consumer from beginning till the final purchase and optimize the entire website accordingly. Some of the other service include CRO goal setting, collecting data from website visitors etc. All of this is done in order to maximize the conversion of visitors to consumers.

So how to choose the best in the market?

1. Determine your needs- It is first important to determine what do you want to achieve. Do you want more traffic on your website? Are you looking for a better social media presence? Jot down everything and be very specific about your needs.

2. Look as per your need- Instead of looking for the agency that’s best in the market, what is more important is to look for the one that’s best for you. You should look at their body of work and see if they have worked with similar kind of brands. Even if they haven’t, have they done the kind of work that you admire? Have they been diversified in their approach? Or is it repetitive? You don’t want to hire an agency that isn’t willing to push the boundaries for you.

3. Know their body of work- When you look at their work, you must understand what is the tone of the work that they have generally used across their work. Does it match your expectations? If fun-filled and quirky kind of communication is what you are looking for then have they done that before? Also, look at the success ratio of their work. At the end of the day, you want to work with someone who has not only made great campaigns but also produced results for their clients.

4. Understand your budget- As a practice, the budget for the services is negotiated between brand and agency. Before you walk into the negotiation room, know what you are willing to pay for what kind of ROI. Have an open mind and always have a range which you will be willing to pay. Note that if you are one of their ‘high-paying’ brands, you are always going to get the agency’s better talents working for you.

5. Understand their work culture and process- How do they arrive at the big idea? Does everyone play an equal role when it comes to discussions? Are they decentralized in their internal working or is it a top-down approach? How do different team’s co-ordinate with each other? Who makes the final call? How are the quality checks done? These are the kind of questions that you should be asking the agency and then decide if you want your brand to be developed in that kind of culture and process. Also, see how passionate do they seem about working with you. You want to work with those who are hungry for helping brands achieve more.

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What are the KPI’s follow agency?

Digital Marketing KPI’s are used to measure and track their marketing campaigns performances. Popular KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) include Cost per Lead (CPL), Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) and Website visits and Traffic.

Here are Top 10 important KPIs in Digital Marketing:

1. Returning Visitors Metric
2. Sales
3. Website Traffic sources
4. Total visits
5. Click Through Rate (CTR)
6. Avg Time on page
7. Unique visitors
8. Cost per Action (CPA)
9. External website links
10. Bounce rate and Keyword performance